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Interceptor Cleaning

Types of Interceptors


Petrol interceptors are installed at commercial and industrial sites, such as Workshops and Petrol station forecourts. You will also find them in car-parks to intercept oil and petrol contained in the storm water run- off from the hard standing.


The purpose of an interceptor is to separate water coming from the drainage system from any contaminants such as oil, silt, dirt and brake dust. Over a period of time the contaminants will build up within the interceptor and can cause blockages or increase the risk of forecourt flooding. This in turn increases the risk of pollutants contaminating the watercourse.



Interceptors Emptying & Maintenance


If your interceptors are not maintained regularly, there is the potential of environment non- compliance, leading to polluted rivers, streams, and groundwater. This could lead to the prosecution by the environment agency.


Regular Interceptor / Separator emptying and cleaning is an important part of keeping any site running efficiently, remaining compliant and therefore avoiding environmental incidents and drainage problems.

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